About Us

We understand nonprofit professionals, from the heavy workload to the passion behind it all. We know what drives the Changemakers that make it all happen. 

Nonprofit Leadership Toolbox was created  to offer something new in the nonprofit sector: affordable, convenient, valuable professional development. With the help of this monthly development and continued learning toolbox, you can gain valuable knowledge and skills, advance your career, and change the world. 

Our Story 

Nonprofit Leadership Toolbox was created by the President and Chief Operating Officer of Colton Strawser Consulting, a full service nonprofit consulting firm. After years of working with nonprofit leaders, they noticed that there was a distinct lack of accessible and affordable professional development and continued learning resources for nonprofit professionals. And what was available was time intensive, expensive, and (to be frank) dull. 

They witnessed a lot of passionate leaders over the years, but passion alone is not enough. Nonprofit professionals need to continue learning and growing to be able to pair their passion with their knowledge and skills. 

The nonprofit sector is continuously changing and shifting, and it can be hard for even the most savvy nonprofit professional to keep up. Yet there is still a lack of adequate resources for Changemakers who wanted to invest in themselves. 

So, the Colton Strawser Consulting team brought their background in nonprofit work, academia, and years of consulting and coaching together to create a monthly professional development subscription service that is affordable, accessible, and applicable. 


"We hope you enjoy the Nonprofit Leadership Toolbox and that it empowers you to create the change you wish to see in the world!" 

-Colton C. Strawser (President) & Elena Hermanson (Chief Operating Officer)